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After spending a considerable amount of time searching the web for a free screensaver that will show my company's logo in 3D, I came up empty handed. Taking matters into my own hand, I created DanimalSaver. DanimalSaver is a very simple screensaver designed to draw a 3D file on screen, bouncing along the edges and rotating as you choose.

Why does this matter? I mean, honestly, why would anyone want my company's logo bouncing around on screen? They wouldn't... but most company's would probably like their own logo bouncing along the screen, and that is where the true spirit of DanimalSaver comes to light. The screensaver was written very carefully to ensure you can rebuild the screensaver to show your company's logo and distribute it as a single unit with minimal deployment time. Here are some great uses:

With this simple mission in mind, I have created DanimalSaver to fulfil that need. It works great for my company, and hopefully will work fine for yours

About the code

All of the code for DanimalSaver was written by me. Apron Tutorials for OpenGL provided some of the code used to load the 3D files, and decompression code from zlib adapted to Windows is in use. The code links in the rsWin32Saver library to handle the basics of starting up the windows.

The code is C++ written entirely in free software from freely available information on the internet (API specs, examples, function documentation) and it is my intention for the code to remain free in every way. Code I have written is released under the GNU General Public License and is available on

Free Custom Savers


This saver, inspired by the season, is a very simple 3D pumpkin bouncing around.
PumpkinSaver screen shot


Being from St. Louis and being a big hockey fan, it was just a matter of time before I made a screensaver of our home-town heroes.
PumpkinSaver screen shot

Kappa Delta Rho

Made for a friend of mine, this screen saver features the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity crest.
Kappa Delta Rho screen shot


A very simple screensaver built from the Mozilla FireFox logo. Firefox and Firefox logo copyright Mozilla.
WorldFox screen shot

Paid Customization

The customization aspect of DanimalSaver is the main selling point for using the screensaver, however some folks may need assistance. I have written a small documentation file to help understand how to customzie the screensaver and build it to your needs. I strongly encourage everyone to give it a try - I wrote this screensaver entirely with free tools available online and zero knowledge of Win32 development. Still, the prospect of doing this work manually may not appeal to some, so if you are one of those folks, I can do the work for you.

Work Description Price
Compile Compile the software to include the 3D model, textures, bitmaps, and Custom.h file you provide $100 USD
Create 3D file I can create the 3D file and texture it given your company logo. The file will be packaged in 3DS format and will be guranteed to work with this screensaver and lib3ds. The price varies depending on the complexity of your logo. Starting at $200 USD
Complete build For those who would like a complete solution including creation of all custom content and a compiled package. This includes creation of a 3DS model of your logo or item, customized icon, modified Custom.h file, logo work, and code adjustments as needed. Starting at $500 USD
Code rewrite For those who can not fit into the previous "Complete build" option because of some reason or another, the code may be able to be rewritten in some way. Modifications to the code may be extensive, so it is best to email me to discuss the options. email

Please, consider building the software in-house as a first option. The feeling of accomplishment really is worth the hard work. Please contact me if you would like to pursue one of the options in the table above.

License Information

The DanimalSaver code (DanimalSaver.cpp, DanimalSaver.h, DanimalSaver.rc, Custom.h) is licenced under the GPLv3. It uses the rsWin32Saver library which is GPLv2 licensed software.

Code I did not write is placed in their own .c and .h files with their original text (with some minor modification for compatibility reasons). All code used is freely available on the internet. Shout-out to Apron Tutorials, the writers of zlib, Microsoft for the one usable code example, and the writer of Really Slick Savers.

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